Mediation Services

What is mediation?

Mediation is where two or more parties come together to seek out a resolution to a dispute in less formal surroundings than courts or through lawyers. It is completely confidential in so far that anything discussed or offered during the proceedings can not be used in any formal legal proceedings at a later date. Mediation provides a less expensive and less stressful way to resolve disputes.

There is now a requirement for parties to try mediation before resorting to the courts.  It is often the case  that where parties have not attempted mediation before going to the court they can expect little sympathy from the courts.

Ultimately it means that you have more say in negotiated settlement instead of one being imposed upon yourselves by a court decision.

When can mediation prove useful?

Property disputes

Boundary disputes


Work place disputes

Work Contracts

Devorce negoiations

What are the benefits?

Mediation is generally a considerable less expensive than the courts or the use of lawyers.

Usually if there is the possibility of an agreement it will be reached quickly and this can save a lot of time and uncertainty.

As the agreements reached between the parties involved they will have to be satisfactory to both parties. In contrast to the courts where any settlements reached can be unsatisfactory to both parties even where one party may claim moral victory. As a judge once commented to myself: ‘The law can be a blunt instrument in disputes’.

This also gives parties the chance to customise their agreements to suit their individual requirements. Agreements that are reached through meditation have shown to have a higher rate of compliance because it is a workable contract, that has been reached by mutal agreement.

Leo Cussons is a trained mediator. Having studied Law at Lancaster University and also holds a Legal practice certificate from Manchester Metropolitan University. He has mediation experience in property and business disputes and has worked in the IT industry in the Netherlands, Further he has been involved in many startup business over his working life.

Please Contact:

Leo Cussons, Ingleside, 15 Station road, Port Erin,  Rushen, IM9 6AE.

Telephone : 07624 406750

Skype:leo-cussons or virtual number +44 (0) 121 2889051

As part of the service I will:

  • Provide all necessary documentation such as the mediation agreement
  • Assist with the identification and booking of a suitable venue
  • Provide guidance on likely costs and deal with all invoicing
  • Seek client’s feedback on the process as a whole
  • Provide unlimited advice and guidance throughout the process